The Importance of Lighting at Trade Show Events.

Exhibit lighting is an extremely important feature for every trade show program.  Without lights, it is difficult for your company to truly shine.

  • It highlights your company’s branding and messaging
  • Gives your company a strong presence
  • Acts as a visual speed-bump for your target trade show audience

Companies go to trade shows to advertise to the world their newest and greatest products and services.  Months, or even years, are invested in the development of these new features and it’s exciting to be able to share this information with your target audience.

Imagine going into a jewelry store with the lights turned off.  Those glass cabinets could be filled to the brim with the most amazing diamonds in the entire world.  We wouldn’t know it because each piece of jewelry in the cabinet would look just like its neighbor.  Everyone knows that not all diamonds are the same, just like each company is not the same.

Over the years I’ve watched businesses put together the numbers for their trade show budgets.  There are many financial considerations that come into play before, during, and after these events.  After spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars preparing for these shows, lighting tends to be a feature that is easy to cut from these programs.

Instead of cutting a few dollars on the lights you should execute a strong clear message and use those lights to highlight the greatness of your company.  Then, follow it up with a well-organized plan for each new lead and the results will be massive.

So go ahead and shine those lights on your exhibit and show all of your trade show attendees the true strength of your company and what it can do for them!