Three months ago, Acalvio, one of our customers came to Jett because they were attending the Black Hat Show in Las Vegas and needed a simple 10×10 inline rental.  Acalvio is the Cloud deception leader who meets the needs of customers looking to cost-effectively deploy Deceptions “at scale”.

Initially, we began our design journey with a wonderful 10×10 standard solution.  One month into the project Acalvio informed us that they had received a notice from the show decorator with a rule exception.  The notice stated that, because of their location, the height limit on their space had been raised from an 8′ height to 12′!  Instead of sticking with the standard 8′ design we decided to push the limits and see how high we could go.

Collaboratively, we raised the back wall to the full 12′ height and increased our tradeshow real estate 33% without purchasing more floor space. Next, we had extremely powerful graphics produced, added bright lights and had a 55″ screen placed onto the wall for their presentations.  The end result was amazing.  Because of the massive height change, their visual awareness at Black Hat had drastically improved.

In the end, don’t be afraid to break away from your standard exhibit design.  Please remember that rental options are endless and you don’t have to break the bank to create a powerful statement with your audience.

When the show decorator grants you exceptions to the standard rules try and take advantage of your situation.  The sky’s the limit!

The end results will be amazing!