Over the past 20 years, I had worked in the Trade Show industry for a large company as a Design Consultant before starting Jett Exhibits.  Throughout those 20 years, I didn’t realize the value of my consulting position within the company until I helped found Jett Exhibits.  The Accountants, Marketers, Designers, Logistics Teams, and all of the other members are essential but I always questioned the importance of my role within the Sales Team.

I thought that people were drawn to the Amazons of the world.  While developing this new company all we would have to do is offer a pretty picture at a great price and the world would simply purchase it without any questions or comments. Boy oh boy was I wrong!

We worked for months to get everything organized on the Jett site. Products were lined up, shipping set, production warehouses ready to go, security features were implemented and then we went live.  In my mind, we were having a huge Jett parade including all of our team members marching down the street.  A loud band and balloons in a celebration of this glorious new company for all of the world to hear.

Then reality set in.  I began to finally understand the value of a sales consultant within each company.  The online-only orders were not jamming our system and the light bulb went on.  You can not sit around and wait for a company to grow.  You have to work and cultivate it by developing relationships with your customers.  Your sales members help solidify and bond the connection between your amazing products or services to your customers.  They are the information takers, information givers, and the solutions providers.  I like to think of each companies sales force as a  megaphone for your company.  Without these wonderful cheerleaders, your company will not thrive.

Humans still want to be able to ask questions and know that they are purchasing from a person and not a machine.  They need questions answered and complete reassurance that things are going to go well after the purchasing decision has been made.

Love thy sales person..even if they do love to talk and talk and talk!